I would like to volunteer for a community admin position


My name is Thomas, I’m from London UK. Over the last couple of months I’ve been playing a large amount of rust and since reading the forums and playing on London servers it has become apparent that there is a HUGE hacking issue in rust right now. This is no secret and it is well known by the developers as you can see by one of the sticky posts.

I would like to put myself forward to help out with the issue no reward, no special treatment nothing gained other than some ability to make the servers more enjoyable for other players and the community in general. I would work under strict instructions, and general guide lines on what justifies a ban and what does not.

I’m 26, i work for the MOD as an ICT Technician i like to think i’m mature enough and love this game enough to take the role seriously. I can speak to people via Skype if they have any questions about me and my background they wish to confirm to ensure that problems do not arise.

I just want to help make this game better, Its improving at such a fast rate but yet every week i see friends leaving because “What’s the point playing or making a base when hackers can jump into it”. I would dedicate a large amount of time selflessly just to benefit this community because i think it deserves it.

Please feel free to pm me with any info, i understand this is not the formal procedure to apply for a position and no doubt there isn’t one in place but if there is could some one point me in the right direction.

I appreciate any feedback and if there is anything i can do to help this community grow and become a more enjoyable place then please let me know.


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I understand people are probably looking at this like hes mental, but you if you don’t try nothing ever happens.

Very nice.

They don’t have admins on these servers for a reason. They are for testing

Yeah, a certain aspect of possible admin abuse comes to mind, and they probably don’t want to litter the server with crappy plugins etc anyway. Thanks for your enthusiasm, but most players know to stay off official servers due to “hackers”

i would be surprised if they let anyone admin for them.

as rar said, their main purpose is testing, not play. there are a couple of non-fp “official” servers that have admins, if you are looking for the position talk to them (though again, i doubt you will be taken on), otherwise just test like the rest of us.

Im pretty sure they even want people to hack there so they can collect data.

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&@ Tom you should consider being admin on an Community server.

As a fair warning, the general consensus among many established server owners such as myself, is that if you have to ask for any sort of leadership position, you are likely not ready for it.

That being said, if you are the genuine article, then I wish you luck with helping a server out! Rust always needs more productive mods in place.