"I wouldn't get to snuggy with it.."


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“I wouldn’t get too snuggy with it…” **

Whoa, who’s that girl with the headcrab?

The worst She’ll do is she’ll try to… couple, with your head, fruitlessly of course.

The lack of fingerposing on Alyx and the clipping are too noticeable, but the posing on Jill is pretty nice.

[li]MASSIVE PISTOL CLIPPIGE MANG.[/li][li]You could have done with a better backround then white.[/li][li]Nice posing on Jill, not so much on aylx, looks stiff.[/li][li]expressionless Jill.[/li][/ul]

You really messed up the hand/fingerposing.

Ah crap. I didn’t even notice the clipping on Alyx’s hand. I’ll redo this. I haz a save.

What do you guys suggest for the background? I didn’t know what to do.

quit your trollin foo!
Lol he is right. But the overall mood and effort just makes it up for me, great picture.

a abandoned lab.

Nice picture, is Jill an actual model or just a photoshop?

Pretty good

Haha, not bad.

That’s Jill from Resident Evil 5, anyway the finger posing looks a little odd

Gnome is stalking her :tinfoil:

I suggest Kleiner’s lab.

As others have said, nice posing on Jill.