I wrote a blog post on what is in my opinion, is the best Rust server I've played on so far

I’ve played on about 25 Rust servers over the last few months, and I was invited to play on this one recently by a few friends of mine. In my opinion it’s the best Rust server I’ve played on yet. The admins are actually active in banning the boatloads of hackers that you normally see on official servers and other lightly moderated community servers. The community is really nice too, my friends already met a bunch of people who we teamed up with and made several bases in Northwest Radtown, basically near Coast Resource.

But of course, everyone who plays Rust actively already knows the Official servers are pretty much trash compared to some of the more active community ones.

Anyways, Here’s a link to the blog post for those that are interested. Give me some feedback in this thread.

(User was banned for this post ("missed the servers subforum" - postal))