i5 processor good enough to make maps?

Hello! I am upgrading my PC and one thing I would like to get into is map making. My question is as the title is.

Here is the CPU and I want to know if this is good to make a decent sized map with lighting!


You could have an i3 and still be able to make maps, hammer is old ass technology.
Basically a better cpu will just give you faster compiles.

Looks fine. I use an i5 3470 and it does the job alright, so CPU should be fine.
Just keep in mind that unless you optimize your maps the compile times will be long no matter what CPU you have and that Hammer isn’t the best at utilizing multi-core CPUs.

Ah so its overkill? well right now I am on a faptop (laptop) and its pretty bad I have an APU (if you can call it that… Intel Celeron N2830… Its embarrassing. I look forward to compiling maps after christmas then!

Certainly not overkill by the longest of miles. Overkill would be getting an E7 to compile maps.
A 4th generation i5 will be a very nice processor all around the board. I recommend ditching that celeron. The only acceptable use for those (celerons) processors is for a pfsense box, or a NAS box.

Yeah I am building my first PC in late December or early January

It’s all in the optimization when you are using hammer, like yeah sure with a more powerfull cpu you will compile your maps faster, but if the map is badly or not optimized at all (like VRAD taking ages due to the massive ammount of dynamic lights and high lightgrid or VVIS taking days because you forgot about a bunch of func_details), it will take a lot of time no matter what cpu are you using.

I don’t know if any of you have seen my maps but it usually takes an hour and a half for each vrad pass on most of my maps plus half an hour to an hour for vvis with visclustering. Almost 4 hours in total. (based on my latest map rp_bracket) I’m running a 4790k.

One of my previous maps would take 2 hours for each vrad pass plus 1 week for vvis. That was with no vislcusters though on One of my dual Xeon 5160 machines. I’m sure if I were to compile that map on my 4790 it would take less than half the time on the xeons.

Source engine didn’t changed much since HL2 so almost any “Good” PC from 2004 onward should be able to run hammer properly.
Having a better CPU will mostly just speed up the compiling process.

Well, given that Source is in 32bit. I guess there’s a limit of performance you can have.
But don’t quote me on this.

Doesn’t Hammer also only use one core of the CPU, or am I mistaken?

I guess that’s possible, I didn’t really checked it out.
I think Valve worked on Source before Multi-core CPU were popular.

Not sure about Hammer itself, but the compiler defaults to using as many threads as you have cores.