IAN PAISLEYS ADVENTURES 1: A horribly made comic, "5/5" - IGN

Please allow a minute for the pictures to load and post some criticism at the end.

It was a normal day in CS_office. Our hero Ian Paisley was quietly reading a newspaper with the radio in the background.

The radio flickers on and off, and switches frequency to a different channel.

An unkown person places his hand on our heros shoulder, he turns around. There is suddenly a chill in the room and it is eerily quiet. Ian puts his hand under his desk and reaches for his highly customised Desert Eagle.


Our hero runs to the next room, just escaping the unknown individual.

Ian and his team has set up a trap, Stanley presses the button and springs the trap. The unknown figure now known as Dr Hax runs into the barrels followed by an explosion.

Our hero and his bitches have won the day.

Dr Hax is totally not overused.

not bad man

Some of the writing was okay.

thank you guys i am plotting the making of the next episode in our heros adventures

Or and im just spitballing here Dont