Thats what you get for going with a Mac XD

I want that bat.

Earbuds? In garry’s Mod?

Share your sorcery

Release that as a skin for TF2, I will give buttsecks!

It’sa photoshop.

But I guess it shouldn’t be THAT hard to turn into a skin.

Open the texture in photoshop?

Now I can see it, that’s really nice.

Would be an awesome model if it was made.

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you in a shut in for the summer or something; for the picture, heavy’s face is too blurred imo, turn down the blur size

ahahaha holy shit

great concept by the way

And what do you recommend? Imageshack? I don’t like it, but I’ll reupload this picture.

Just look in the TF2 file directory in gmod, it probably will be under player>Items or something.

Awesome editing

Now $599 with $50 wireless per month.

First day I got 200 posts.
Second day I got 100 posts.
Since then I post about 20 posts a day.

vBulletin fucks up and tells the wrong number of posts.


Btw - HWM models, I’m guessing?

Er… Yes, if you are so interested.