[IC Story] The security cameras.

[[ This happened IC, but, I did strech out the time period abit for some depth. The main parts of the story happened, the “a few x passed”-part is just to make abit more of a story out of it. ]]

A dark and rainy night, a tall man with a trenchcoat enters the building. He had an AK-47 in his hands. He walked up the gritty stairs, gun aimed and steady on his shoulder. He opens a door. The room infront of him is lit up by a security monitor. It has bloodied handprints and scratchmarks on it, along with a trail of blood leading out towards a broken window. A few nailed boards were scattered around the window, most likley ripped out. He looked down the window after making sure the room was safe. He saw a massive bloodstain, running down towards a sewer. He knew that someone tried to escape from the horrors, but ended up amongst them… He looked at the desk by the monitors. On it, he found a few cigarette butts, empty shellcases from a handgun, and a tape recorder. He picked it up, closed the door, and hit “play”:

"Hi, my name’s Dave, Dave Franklin. I recently got a job as a security guard, untill all hell broke loose… You see, I had a great life, steady job, even a girlfriend. But then one day I woke up, and everything had changed. The city was in chaos, people screamed and ran. An epidemic had broken lose. The infected ruled the streets, and they are just too many for us humans. But today’s input, I wanna commemorate to a guy I’ve gotten to know for a while.

I never knew his name, but I knew him. You see, when shit broke loose, I was upstairs in this room. I even had a sidearm… So, I barricaded myself in here, since this place has a few mounths worth of canned food, and even a flaregun, just in case. But anyways, this guy… Let’s call him Bill. Bill is a real badass, a survivor at all costs. First time I saw him was about three mounths ago.

I woke up by gunfire, and on the monitor, there he was, blasting away those motherfuckers one by one. He ran through the streets. He wasted alot of them. Eventually, he ran out of ammo, so he ran into a local store, he got himself the supplies he needed. I then saw him running into the courthouse.

He was pretty good at surviving. At first the horde pounded on the doors, looking to break in, but by time, as he kept those doors shut. They left, and he was alone in there. Safe for the moment. I saw him in his day to day routine. But after two weeks or so, the poor bastard ran out of supplies. So he tried to get out there, but, it was a bad idea. They picked up his scent pretty quickly, and he whent inside again.

This time, the zombies didn’t leave. Poor Bill, all trapped in there with nothing but a handgun and a bottle of gin. He had set up a decent defence behind the counter, allthough judging from the horde outside, I knew this meant trobble for him. They kept pounding for days in, whilst the poor guy was starving. He found a bottle of water by the podium, kept him alive for a while longer. It had been about two weeks by now, and he almost looked like a zombie himself. But this is also why he was such a survivor. Now, the zombies had their arms reaching in through the broken door.

It was only moments untill they’d rush him. He lit a cigarette and loaded his gun, he then tried to hold the door back. You see, we had gotten notices about a helicopter comming to our area to help us, thanks to a radio transmission. I guess he just tried to last untill then. But the zombies broke through. He staggered back and then ran over to the counter, he slid over and drew his gun, firing at the horde.

This guy sure knew how to aim too, he really blew their brains out, over and over again. But sadly, they were just too many. He kept them away, kicking and screaming, even shooting the ones who got real close right between the eyes. He tried to run out, but one grabbed his leg. He clawed onto the carpet, then kicked the bastard in it’s face, managing to get up. He drew his gun to make some space.

But one of the zombies grabbed his arm and bit down on his wrist, then pulling his hand off. I could see him screaming as he bled. They gathered up on him… Bill was lost.

I didn’t know him personally. But I’d like to think, that if he had made it up here, we’d get along pretty well."

In the background of his voice, suddenly, the sound of wood breaking is heard, and the sound of groaning and moaning can be heard. The voice of Dave grows more distant as the sound of him screaming, along with gunfire can be heard.

“Shit! Jesus fucking chri-…”

The message turns into static after that.

C&C would be highly appriciated.

Also, I know about some minor spelling errors, English isn’t my first langauge. :v:

I like it a lot! Reminds me of that one city map made for the epidemic gamemode! You’re a talented writer for english not being your first language.

The only thing I have to say is that I thought it moved a little fast. Try slowing down a little and describe some more. Other than that good story.

Well a upside of making it fast is giving the reader a feeling that is like, "Man!, I wish that was longer, I wonder what happened when… " or “I wonder what happened to…” or “I wonder what happens next.”

It keeps it mysterious and gives the reader imagination.

Since it seems not to be half bad, have a chapter 2: (This one, however, is just for the sake of a good read and was not acted out.)

The man sighed as he turned off the tape recorder. He looked outside the window again and saw the trail of blood leading down the road to an appliance store. He could see a few dead bodies trailing along it’s path. The store was somewhat boarded up. Could it be…? No, he thought. He must have died. But then again… He noticed how a tape was missing from the security cameras. He looked at the dates of the other ones. It was the most recent one missing. He jumpted down out the window and swiftly landed on his feet. It was not much of a fall anyways. He looked around, things were quiet. None of those monsters to be seen. It was dark from the nights, the only thing giving off some decent light was the embering fires of nearby buildings.

He walked over to the appliance store and turned on his flashlight, looking through the gaps of the boards after any type of movement of living things. He finally decided to go inside. He slowly opened the creeking door. You could hear a small bell dangling above the enterance. Most of the small store was very dark. He looked for a lightswitch. Suddenly, the roaring sound of a zombie was heard. He drew his Kalashnikov, trying to kill the putrid fiend. But it swung it’s clawing fingers at the weapon, it slid under a counter. The man picked up a pipe, using it to hold off the zombie to some extent. But it pressed in closer. He could feel it’s cold and horrid breath. (Small disclaimer here to any skeptics: Zombies **can **breathe, they don’t have to, but some do for vocal purposes, or did you think they made all those sounds with a recording device?). His eyes welled up from the chorrosive stench of the dead creature’s breath. He pushed away the zombie, it fell into a maintence closet. He quickly closed and locked the door.

The foul being screeched and groaned agressivley as he tried to break through the door. But the man reached for the discarded Kalashnikov under the counter. He aimed it at the closet and fired off an extensive amount of rounds. The being inside let out an agonizing yelp, pherhaps even a whimper. The man, still in a slight state of shock, kept firing for a few seconds after the magazine was empty “click, click, click”. He gathered his nerves and took a deep breath. He then noticed the light switch. He flicked it on, the store lit up. On the ground he saw a gun, it was empty. Most likley discarded by Dave.

He looked around, there were alot of shelves, they had most electric appliances. Televisions, Microwaves, Blenders, Toasters… Anything you’d need for an average home. He saw one display window had been broken, it had camcorders in it. One was missing. There were some blood from there, leading towards another door, most likley the staffroom. The door’s handle was coated in blood. He slowly opened the door. The light was on. Most furniture had been moved to one side of the room, he also saw a tripod with a camcorder on it, and infront of that, was a chair.

He popped out the tape and looked at it, it was the missing tape from the monitor room. He whent outside by the counter, he saw one of those small minitvs with the built-in VHS player. He smashed the display glass with his fist, and grabbed it by the foldable handle on it’s top, then placed it on the counter. He plugged it in and sat by a chair behind the counter. He then put in the tape and hit “play”. Infront of him, he saw a man staring into the camera, he moved back, and sat on the chair. He began speaking, he was about five feet tall, he wore a bloodstained uniform and he had a bandage wrapped around his leg. One of his sleeves had a great tearing through it, you could see another bandage wrapped around his shoulder.

The man recognized the person’s voice on the tape, it was the same as on the tape recorder. Dave said: “Oh, man… Those things bite pretty hard, don’t they? If you’ve found this tape, I’m guessing I’m either sitting next to you, or… I’m dead. Man, I’m not feeling too well. I’d like to think I’m gonna make it out of here, but at the same time, I know they bit me, pretty hard too. I was bleeding like shit. But, ugh… Optimism and realism sure is fighting in my head right now, but to be honest. I don’t think I have much time. But who knows? The helicopters will show up at any moment now, maybe they got a cure or some shit. Atleast I hope so, or else these fucking meathead plagued sons of bitches won. Ugh… My head… I better go lie down for a bit, this shit’s making me dizzy like hell.”

The image whent black for about a second, he then re-apeard. He took a seat again.
“Ugh… How long was I out? I mean, fuck, feels like fucking forever, man. What’s with my head? It’s like, I can’t feel time anymore. Damn, I hope Christy’s okay, and, if you found the tape recorder I left behind, you can problably guess who that is… I’ve been going steady with her for about three mounths. I was meant to pick her up at the office, but… The pissiest of all things is how I was about to propo-”

He gets cut off, outside you can hear the distant sound of a car, and a woman calling out “David? David? Can you hear me? Are you okay?”

Dave then says “Holy shit, I’ll be back soon.”

The screen whent black again for a few seconds, then it goes back on, this time he’s holding the camera. He’s looking into it. He says with an insecure voice as you can hear growling in the background:

“This… Uhm… This is who I was talking about, Christy, she’s… Uhm… When I found her, she was bitten, it was pretty bad.”

He turned the camera onto a woman, she was dressed in a long, back skirt, high heels and a bloodstained blouse, like a stereotypical officewoman. Her blonde hair was rugged and dirty, and her hands were tied to the wall with some wires and rope. He growled at the camera, even roared abit. Her eyes were dim and her teeth had black sinues. Needless to say, she was infected.

The man looks very insecure as he says: “I should problably turn this off.”

The screen whent black again before turning on, this time he was in the backroom again. On the chair. He had some water, you could tell he was a wreck at this point. He almost choked on his words when he said:
“Well, I… She’s fine for the time being, I’m sure the doctors can do something once the helicopter arrives. I mean, it’s just an infection, right? I mean, they can save her, she problably just needs some antibiotics or something, right? I better…”

The sound of something breaking was heard in the background, along with a female groan. Dave called out “Christy?!”, suddently the camera tipped over, and Dave shouted “Please! No!”, the screen whent black again.

When it turned back on, Dave was standing over the poor woman’s body, weeping at his loss. He had obviously defended himself, but, his face had a great look of agony. He said “Great, I lost the girl of my dreams thanks to this shit! It shouldn’t happen! It’s unfair! Ugh… I’m not feeling well, I think I gotta hurl…”

The tape ended after that last segment. The man rewound it and ejected it, then put it in his pocket. Suddenly, a thought strook him. He walked towards the maintence closet. He slowly opened the door. It was dark in there, he turned on the lights, infront of him was two bodies.

It was Dave and Christy.

Well, I hope that was a decent read. Take care, folks :tiphat:.

The only C&C I have is try describing the fight scenes more. The movements, effects, and setting wasn’t very clear. Overall a good story.

Yeah, I do know that. But I talked to a friend about it who enjoys reading. He hates it when things are too detailed, it makes it boring. So I thought I’d leave a few gaps in for the imagination. I’m sure you imagined how things looked on your own, right? Anything from the mysterious survivor, to the appliance store, no?

I see. I guess I just appreciate detail more. I can see how others wouldn’t like it as much though.

This looks awesome!