Ice Bound Inferno (MGS for GMOD)

many of us are familiar with Metal Gear Solid by now but some times I wished I could play around at Shadow Moses ya know kill a few combine ruthlessly with a Desert Eagle or even Falcon Punch the Fuck out of a Helicopter on the Helipad well if you’ve ever wanted to do any of this on the Historical setting of Metal Gear Solid now you can with out further a due I give you Ice Bound Inferno Part 1 (that’s right Part 1 there’s more to come) for Garry’s Mod.

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watched the video, needs more sneaking, less killing all those combine.

did’nt you hear the ! they were on alert phase lol

When they go to Alert I try to hide, if theres no where to hide I try my best to avoid them.

One flaw in your argument this is gmod not MGS other wise ya hide or your gunna get killed.

You don’t mind making one version as if it was during the night? Cause it was a bit dark in the real MGS.

I wouldn’t mind but I based this more off of MGS4 that’s why its its day time

Like the map but a couple of things bug me, first one being the Hl2 truck just looks outta place, i know there’s nothing you can really add instead though but perhaps leave that space empty, or use the l4d military truck maybe, likewise with the APC, Insurgency mod has got a decent MBT that comes with the turret and hull separate.

One last thing, fog, this map is crying out for it.

Other than that really nice work.

Its really good, but for someone who knows MGS1 like the back of his hand so i noticed alot of missing things, i wish it was more like that then MGS4 but other then that its really good.

Add in fog and change up some textures and add a 3D skybox and your set.

Also change the interior lighting.

I’m Like that with MGS1 also zetra but I chose MGS4’s for spacing reasons so people have more freedom to do whatever they wish i.e. the helipad makes a good fight ring and good construction area. as for fog I’ve considered it but now I see people want it I shall provide. expect an up date later this week I also have a displacement to fix and getting the fog right will take a while so keep an eye out.