Ice Claws

Guess who?!

God fucking damn it imageshack you piece of shit

Fucking awesome

I fucking miss the winner rating.

This i GREAT! nice posing, and FUCKING GREAT editing. The light and everything is beautiful.

Great editing.

Did you edit the claws from scratch or just use the claws from Prototype?

I believe I now worship you.

Fucking Epic…

little bit a both.

You succeeded in making a wizard look like Alex Mercer!

Seriously, this is fucking-holy-masterpiece-pizzapie-awesomesauce

You like the ice don’t you?
You’re good at making it too.


Needs HELL AND HEAVEN! edit.

Bah, no one is going to understand that though.

Alex Mercer, back in medieval days.
Fucken love it tho, nice job.

Fuckin’ love ice.