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Ice Cold Roleplay is a Half-Life 2 Roleplay Community, We are a bunch of serious roleplayer’s. We accept loads of events and new members are always welcome. Ice Cold Roleplay is very addicting (Since I played it for 6 hours straight) And you should join In on the fun!

Where do you stand in Half-Life 2?

Current Open Factions:

-Combine Universal Union -
-Civil Worker’s Union (Accepted In-Character)
-Citizens (Starting Faction)
-Vortigaunts (Applications being decided on being re-opened)
-Headcrabs (Still being decided on being added)
-Or Maybe make your own (Yes, make a good faction what will be good to the storyline, and write it up on the forums!)

If you are serious and love to see what its like to Role-play as a citizen in Half-Life 2 then join us now!
Just go onto the server, create your character, and full fill your dreams! Or maybe just stick on the forums!

We are constantly looking for more members and admins.

IP Address:



FYI: You cant bump unless the last post was 24 hours.

I’ve done that mistake too. Just to let you know.

Thank’s for letting me know.

Come check out the forums/server some time.

Rated you artistic for the sign, maybe ill check in sometime.

Thank’s for the rating.

The server is dead. And the forums are baren.

We’ve been doing loads of restarting throughout the past few day’s should be fully up and working tomorrow.

FYI If you’re bumping your thread with the word bump, you’re going to be banned.

Thank’s for the tip, I’ll keep that in mind.


We just got a new theme on site