Ice Cold Roleplay - We're back, refueled

** Ice Cold Roleplay **


Hey Facepunch, on behalf of the ICR community I’m posting this advertisement with the owners approval. This community was formed back in late 2008. Our community fell apart and since then we have all gone our separate ways, however we have decided to give this community another try and attempt to rebuild a once great community.[/release]

[release]Server Information

The server is running a copy of ‘Tiramisu’ which is a half-life 2 serious roleplaying script. Our development team is working hard to get the server into a clean and fully-functionally server.

The IP:


Metropolice Department - These are the ‘cops’ which you would see today in real-life, they maintain the streets and deal with any anticitizens.

Civil Workers Union - These are the citizens of society who are welcoming the new aliens and helping them in the best ways they could, from cleaning the roads/streets, recycling and to reporting suspicious activity.

What are the resistance?
The resistance is those who goes against the combine, they live in slums hoping that they will strike the combine back and rebuild the earth. Resistance fighters sometimes do missions to sabotage for the MPF, not always with good results.

Joining the resistance
Many people always want to join the resistance. The best way to do so is showing that you are a goor RPer (Much Passive RolePlay) and you must help them at many times. Asking if you can join the resistance is the quickest way to either be blacklisted from the network or executed. When they need you to do something, you do it. And in the end, they let you into the whole network

Rules in the resistance
-Never wear your uniform outside base exept during missions, in groups patrolling (approved by leader).
-Never show anyone base without leaders’ permission.
-Never go rambo
-Never do anything that can risk the network without someone with you and leaders permission[/release]


There are many applications available on our website to gain benefits such as:

Black Market - Allows the user to experience a totally different perspective on the combines, they deal our illegal and tampered rations and weaponry.

Tool Trust - Allows the user to gain advantage of using tools to make events, weld, and other useful tools.[/release]


Our website is on a temporary forum at:

Here you can keep up to date with content packages, administration and server updates and general socialising with other members of our community.[/release]


£10 - VIP Membership[/color]

**-Custom Player Model

-Firearm/Weapon of your choice

-Custom Forum Donator Title/Rank

-Permission to spawn Chairs

-Permission to spawn Ragdolls

-Higher Chance of being Whitelisted

-1000 In-Game Tokens

-Access to Donation-Only Forum**[/release]

[release]The Team



We would like to thank you for reading through our server advertisement and we hope to see you visit our server sometime.[/release]

Just saying, once you’ve lost a community it’s very hard making one again. I’ve seen tons of servers come back but then get shut down a matter of weeks later because the interest just wasn’t there anymore.

Apart from the fact one of the team stole my name, Server is pretty good.

Great example of how an OP should be set out, will check this out later and post a review

This seems great. Atleast a unique gamemode.

I remember playing this back in 08. Good to see it alive again.