Ice cube.

I want a ice cube models for comics.

You know maybe it would help a little if, instead of saying “Gimme dis model”, you ask politely. It would probably increase the chance of someone taking this up.

This one?:

Or this one?:

probably the second

Ice Cube played Bowman in Black Ops.

With some mesh editing, you could make Ice Cube.

i meant the first one for drinking one.

I will make it for something to do I have nothing else to do.

Only took a couple of mins to make but at the really small size the curved sides refused to show so it just looked like a square with an ice cube texture. Does not look right so not releasing it sorry.

Can you try making it larger.

I did the only size that would recognise the ice cube shape was way to big to be considered.

I think it doesn’t matter if it only have a texture on it with a ugly look can you let me see the look of it ?.