ice road

could someone make a map thats similar to the show ice road truckers?

This ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^x1000

^^^^^^^^ This indeed!

[noparse][img_thumb][/img_thumb][/noparse] that shit, it’s in the rules :eng101:

It’s just to make blind people clear that they should post requests in the requests forum. :v:

Still a rule though :colbert:

B… but… Okay, i’m sorry mr. Sphinxa. :sigh:

:smile: No worries, but seriously edit your post to use the img_thumb tags incase you get a stern talking to.

Done :v:

Nice one, now Netheous just needs to do it :colbert:


100 Posts to gold member, woo!

Speed up and get done with it!

Stop being so aggresive, I tend to just post and get there when I get there, I don’t post whore.

well technically that’s only for the pimpage, but in my opinion it should be an actual rule for around the forums.

Don’t give it away :frown:

Ignore what Not_Yet said, it is an official rule :downs:

There :stuck_out_tongue:


Thankyou :3: