Did anyone notice the background and how theres snow?

Probably just an image. But would be cool if they implemented snow :dance:

I am pretty sure on trello one of the artists said that the moss effect on the rocks could be re-worked as snow but the card has be archived so can’t give a reference link.

but i was wondering the same is it just a pic or is it a screen shot, even if it is just a screen shot why test the ui with that back ground if it’s not in the game, i think this is a teaser.

I say “get the snow shoes out hun I’m a Goin Huntin.”

hmmm…I hope it is not just a false background

Can you imagine if it was real?

not only random generated maps but also weather too.

killing polar bears and killing penguins for chicken.

literally having to stay indoors for warmth due to blizzards n shit.

Well the sky they got from Andre DOES have a weather feature…

It’s un-textured terrain in unity.

Ehhhh I dunno about that, it really looks like snow.

Pretty sure that shit’s textured.

Looks like snow.

that pistol looks quite cool as well.

Well we can’t forget a while back Garry said there are some things he’s not showing us. He wanted some stuff to be a secret

did noone notice the snowdrop icon?

Problably the cold icon

that’d be sweeeeet. exposure debuffs are soooo needed