Darn those wizards and their ice conjuring spells!

Did the wizard get some heavy recoil when he cast that spell?
he seems to be flying back.

Nice effect but the middle seems really solid.
And some of the ragdolls seem less surprised leaping and more suicidal leaping.

That’s not a wizard that’s a necromancer.


Maybe because their faces are covered by their helmets so you can’t see their “By the beard of Zeus!” expressions.

The middle is solid. The ice bomb is fucking huge. The whole thing isn’t going to explode.

I guess I meant the angle they’re leaping at.

Cool. Fancy editing.

Nice try, but the posing is off and the abstract brushes are to visible.

I like it, but as people have pointed out, the posing is a little off… like, they don’t look like they (they being the soldiers) are being knocked back, but more like their jumping away… over a cliff. The icebomb effect is really cool too. I think it’s fine solid in the middle.

Actually it’s a castle and there’s ground 4 feet below where they’re jumping. And some of them are jumping, because obviously the ice bomb is sending ice shards everywhere like shrapnel and will probably impale them if they are present.

A proper and faithful Dark Messiah pose

I like it, nice work

frostbolt rank 6

Frostbolt rank 10000 lololo



The wizard, is fighting, the necromancer


I cant see anything. damn image hack.

oh its back. nice Pic, that ice looks badass.

There is only one wizard/necromancer.
The wizard/necromancer is fighting the knights.
The author contradicted himself by calling it a wizard in the OP but a necromancer in a later post.

The wizard is off screen…

Maybe next time I won’t leave things up to common sense because apparently common sense isn’t common.

Fuck, you can even see the ice in the background is coming from a distance, a distance clearly off screen.

There is nothing to suggest that the magic isn’t coming from that dudes hand, and I’m not the only one that thought this.

There is plenty to suggest that it’s coming from offscreen.

The ice bomb in front is clearly bigger than the ones in the background, obviously making it clear that they’re in the distance. You can even tell that through the DoF. I mean shit. Look at the necromancer. He fits in with the dark dudes. Do you seriously think a wizard could get surrounded by dudes with swords without getting stabbed? No.

Hell, look at the knight right next to the wizard. He’s obviously just standing there, braced. He’s not doing anything that would suggest aggressive action to the guy who is, in your eyes, fucking up his mates.

You can also see the necromancer’s undead companion getting knocked back by the impact. Shit.