I’m curious to know what peoples thoughts are on iceburg’s/glacier’s being re-added to the game?

First of all, what is the point of them? I was happy when they got rid of them, because big clans would build huge empires on top of them and they’re not unraidable, but they are a mass annoyance. (its worse in modded servers, as most popular modded servers these days have LimitedLadder’s, which makes iceburgs practically unraidable.

And Secondly, do FacePunch plan on blocking people from building up there at all? or do they like the idea of people being able to build on top of a glacier?

I for one am against it, it’s almost as bad as people building inside rocks in my opinion.
Also in my experience as a server admin, big bases on iceburgs seem to have a negative effect on server performance.

In my server there is currently only one iceburg that has not been built on, and there’s 25 iceburg’s on the map all up. :hammered:

Seems like a real PITA to have to bad into the mainland with nothing, and TP back to your base…so everything at your base pretty much has to stay there, unless you swim to the mainland every time you want to play with the rest of the server.

On vanilla servers, I REALLY don’t see the point.

Or unless you perhaps build a bridge to the mainland? I have never seen an iceburg so i dont know how they work but that seems like a fix.

it would take…a long time to make…the water is very very deep, would need lots of syringes to do it, if you dont drown first