"Ich ergebe mich!" German shot while surrendering.


Not sure how I feel about this one… Skins are good though.

Wait what, I thought only the French could surrender.
DAMNIT GERMANY, STEALING OUR CULTURE! Amazing job overall, I like the blood a lot, even if it’d be more fitting if it was the exit wound spewing out the blood like that.

wish I could remember how to edit snow.

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I was thinking that for the exit wound, but lets just say it’s a high caliber round?

Someone watched Carentan? :colbert:

I’m reading a book called “visions from a foxhole”
It’s a good autobiography
but, it is about carentan, yes.

Considering the thread you just posted “based off CoD and Band of Brothers” I wonder whether you can see any generic idea without immediately relating it to some vaguely associated piece of media.

Nice skin and blood, have an artistic.


Hey hey hey why so rude?

Gives me a boner.

does anyone know how to go about taking a skin, that already has camouflage on it, and make it one solid color? So the textures still show through, but the camo is no longer there.
:smith: worth a shot

I guess you’d have to do some clever clone-stamping work and then recreate the stitch lines and things like that and maybe clean up the folds.

Probably take a lot of time.

damn :sigh:

I dunno I’m not an expert though. There might be some clever plugin or some clever use of quick selection and colour replacement… no idea really.

Well thanks anywho :love:

those blood impacts are really good

thanks! :smiley:

the blood has no depth at all.

Sure doesn’t.