Ich hab garrys mod runtergeladen und steam neu gestartet....

es taucht aber nicht in der steam liste auf… :frowning:
und in den ordnern konnte ich bis jetzt noch keine .exe finden :confused:

You did buy it from Steam, yes?

Du hast es von Steam kaufen, ja?

This is an English forum, speak in english.

I don’t know german but I think this:

“can’t find the exe file”
which means he is a pirate.

I fear he is, with my small german skills I can give a rough translation:

Got that from Google translator, don’t know if its true

Let me try this for a second.

Haben Sie Garry’s Mod 9 oder 10?

ITT: English users trying to speak German using Google Translate

Yeah it is quite funny.

OP: http://garrysmod.de is probably where you want to go.

sry… i have gmod 9…and YES ive downloaded it from steam… :confused:
but there is no gmod.exe anywhere…

You have too buy Garry’s Mod 10. You can’t download/torrent it.

:confused: read my last post again…

Where did you place the folder?


Gotta’ watch those German pirates.


Tried sorting by name?

Protip: Don’t listen to the trolls.

yes… can´t find it…

Check the folders once more, does it really say gmod9 or anything similar?