Ich Tu Dir Weh!..


I don’t understand why there’s a naked scout in the corner

It’s Rammstein, what did you expect?

buch dich

quality song, picture almost does it justice too but falls a bit short. make the fade on the scout/sniper a little less, they seem far too faded

Nice. Pants on medic needed to be black, and light on Sniper/Scout needs to be bumped.

Overall, nice pic, though.

I wish I had glitter pants… :frowning:

I remember when Rammstein vocal pulled out his fake penis and pissed all over the place when he was singing.

I freaked out, the penis looked so real

this was actually right near me in worcester, ma

i’m going back to that arena for their show this april, i hope they perform it again just for fun

haha! You even got the piercing that lights up his mouth! And the hairnet thing! Win!