ichigo player model request

hi face punch can someone please make a player model of ichigo from the anime bleach it would be much appreciated thanks

There is a CS:S model that could be recompiled as a player i’ll inform jason for you (if his SDK tools are still working i’d think he’d be happy to ^^).

thank u i have talked to shotgunguy49 but the player model king couldent do it so if he can thank u

Both NPC and players



jason you are fast

Thanks, nothing really slows me down cept school stuff

wow man thank you u r the best

how do you install this thing?

You could of asked in my thread or PM’ed me

You take materials, models, lua, and settings, place in your Gmod folder ( C:\Program Files\Steam \steamapps-Account name-\garrysmod\garrysmod ) and if it asks to replace hit yes to all