ICN Robur - A sinkable warship


Apart from a few silly race tracks and fairly simple tanks back at the end of 09, I have not built and posted any of the major stuff that I used to regulary post back in 06-08

I’ve been busy with all sorts of stuff including playing the diabolical BLACK OPS!!! Well I was bored today so thought sod it, I would and post a ship for old time sake.

Some of you may remember me posting a sinkable ship ages ago that proved the concept of building a warship that can be damaged and sunk with the clever use of explosive barrels

Well I thought I would expand of that concept by making not only more realistic looking but also fun to use in multiplayer which meant being wise with my prop usage to keep the prop count low whilst making the ship look real

Well I’d like to introduce you to the ICN Robur (Latin for strength) :smiley:

I’ll show the ship then talk you all through it

Helipad at the back

And a ramp under the ship to get back onboard if you happen to fall off

Now for the mechanics of it so you can make your own if you want

The whole ship is very light (all the props have a weight of 300 or less)
There are several explosive barrels welded to the ship of the waterline with increased weight to keep the ship afloat, so that if they are hit and destroyed then the ship drops lower until eventually it will sink

Ship controls are 8,2,4,6 to drive and steer

I have made a torpedo for you to duplicate and copy, its on the island near the ship. Duplicate it, pop it in the sea, it’ll float, aim it where you want it to go and press 5 to set it off.



After another hit at the back

The helicopter is held on by barrels so if they got up, so will the copter

Its like the Titanic

The ships deck gun is usable by pressing ENTER. So you can duplicate it for someone else to use and do battle with each other. The gun can be knocked out by a hit as the turrent is attached to a barrel, and several barrels near by.

As a bonus, I made a TF2 wallpaper a while back so I thought sod it i’ll post it



Interesting, I’ll say that. Certainly old school.


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This is fucking awesome, also video.

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And which map is that?

I will try and get a video together as soon as I have time although it may not be for a few days because I have got hardly any free time until probably friday.

Although if anyone downloads it and wants to make a quick video then be my guest

And the map is tropicalwaters

Nostalgia just hit me hard. Fucking fantastic work mate :smiley:

Why is it a save?

Holy shit I totally remember that boat in the first picture.

Maaaajor nostalgia bomb.

Badass. Reminds me of those '06 VMF suite contraptions

So you can try it out, copy into your save folder and load in the game . Forgive me if there is a new way of doing things round here now, its been a while; i am what you’d call ‘old school’ haha

Wow, if you’re from the world before adv. dupe… That’s really long ago, man.

Motherfucking WORD.

Well not quite before adv.dupe. But while it was still very buggy so never used it. Although il be sure to use it in the future :smiley:

The boat is fantastic but the wallpaper is terrible.

Holy christ, a blast from the past. Probably the coolest thing I’ve seen in months. Old school is awesome.
god…I remember using save files to load things…and when nowire and nophx was the way to do stuff…

Had an hour free so have done a quick film of it

However in filming it I have noticed that its not quite as real in sinking as I’d hoped.
The ship is too light and the barrels too heavy so it takes too much damage too sink, doesnt roll properly from torpedo hits unless you hit the full length of the ship and its too slow to sink

I’ll do a revised version when I get chance :smiley:

That is really sweet. I think i might make some destructible combine ships now. I dont make enough warships. I cant say im a huge fan of the bridge in the second one, but considering its all combine, very impressive.

Hm, Im going to make a realistic sub like that too, the only decent sub ive made behaves like an aquatic fighter, cool, but not very realistic for military

Ain’t seen an Angus thread in a long time brings back good memories of the contraption section.
Nice boat bro, you never cease to amaze me.

God Angus. tis’ been a while. Need more oldies to beat the young “punchtarded” into submission.

Yeah needs more weight btw. Turns out it’s the key to everything :wink:

EDIT: Your last Started Topic here in contraptions was Dec 26, 2009. And you start that one by saying… “I have’nt built anything for quite some time, so decided to build something to try out my new graphics card :D”

Wow Angus you’re back. You are the one who inspired me to make my carriers back in '07. Nostalgia indeed :smiley: