ICO/Shadow of the collosus models

hey guys, ive been playing ICO and Shadow Of the Colossus lately and have been wondering if someone could rip the models from the game for garrysmod
like ICO and Yorda would be really good and the colossi from the game would be just epic!
here are some pictures if you guys dont know what im talking about




Ico models would be absolutely fantastic!

I’ve already requested SOTC before :stuck_out_tongue: Didn’t get anywhere. But I’ll support this anyway.

Throw in some pictures, more likely responses and such.


I’ll support it.

Yeah, we had a thread about it before. People tried it out, but most of the Colossi models of SoC were to big to be ported.

SOTC models would be so awsome

can you port the horse too then?

I need a link for that.

I’ll see if I can try to port the models from Ico, but I don’t have SOTC :(.

BTW, the Colossis I wonder how big they were compared to the strykers, haven’t played SOTC in a long time.

How are they too big to be ported? It’s not like the game has some insane quality models or anything.