iCoder - a makeshift replacement for coderhire

I started on this when i found out coderhire closed down. it is not meant to be permanent, only to be here until someone (probably me) creates a better version that is not just a modified forum software. I have a decent setup so far, applications and catagories and such. You post an application that is sent to the specified catagory when you fill it out (you don’t post threads, you fill out a form). I have added a few security features and a theme. I hope to get more stuff done (as far as the actual thing and the one I have now) in the upcoming weeks. Let me know what you think and post suggestions.


I am looking for moderators, if you would like to apply, post a comment below.

Photos -





Todo list:

  1. make rules list
  2. hire moderators
  3. make reporting section (eg if someone abuses/scams)
  4. steam login
  5. banned section

Steam ID login for MyBB.

Really need something more than a simple forum though.

I plan on coding from the ground up a website for it. the forum is only temporary.

Like I’m doing?

what are you doing?

Finalizing SQL structure for a replacement to coderhire?

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Didn’t mean it in a bad way.

ah, I suck at sql, I wouldn’t know lol (I have a friend that does that for me) I’ll keep the website up untill you are done, then I’ll make it redirect to your site.
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or i can give you an ftp account to the webspace I have set up and use the same domain name (I planned on purchasing iCoder.com once it showed signs of getting popular)

How is a picture of a SQL data-structure anyway near a replacement for jack’s site? It would take a whole 30s to type that into phpMyAdmin, SQL Workbench or whatever you’re using.

HeidiSQL <3

I only meant it as a temporary measure if you wanted.

I like the initiative. Perhaps a separate section for coders to post about themselves, that way people can come find them instead of them go find people.

although the forum is simple, it has it’s pluses (mostly it is easy to set up and manage)

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map in a box, do you have a webspace/domain set up? if not I can give you mine once you’re finished.

I’ll probably buy a domain/VPS for it. It runs my webserver.

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And the webserver is breaking. I’m going to rewrite it in C++ I guess, and start making a mockup in PHP.

I wouldn’t recommend forum software for a replacement. But you said you’re going to refine it so that doesn’t matter. I have years of experience with PHP, MySQL and other languages. Feel free to add me on Steam to anyone that wants to collaborate to make a new site, including the OP. I specialized in CMS, Security, Auto-Ban, 1-click updates across all managed sites from one central server for my CMS, among other things. I’m already working on a few projects: AcecoolDev, AcecoolTTT, Crime City ( OFP/Arma2 game-mode major recode to Arma 3 when the Java API is released ), and I’m the developer for one community for several game-modes, but I believe I can squeeze out some additional time to help the Garry’s Mod community with a site for hiring coders.

The issue that I see with being the escrow agent for a site like this, is people can do chargebacks, and money is held for 75 days by PayPal. If they win the chargeback ( seldem if all evidence is available - but money is still held for upwards of 75 days or even longer ) then there’s a $25 - $50 fee which would hit us, so a dispute center would need to be prioritized. To offset being scammed, a small fee would need to be charged. Something around 5% for jobs, up to a max of $25 would be fair and would then allow the site to pay for itself in terms of hosting, and potential charge-backs. The rest of the money could be budgeted ( After a mandatory minimum is held to pay for hosting, potential loss, etc… ) for contests to give out copies of Garry’s Mod etc.

As said, feel free to add me.

The site won’t be a method of payment.

I think private transactions would be a smarter idea. If someone scams someone, they could be banned from the forum.

Yeah that’s what the scammer list is for. I could go ahead and do it anyway and have an interface for reporting people though.

will it just be you in charge of moderating jobs or will you hire mods? Depending on how active it is, 1 person doing it all sounds hard.

Not so. A simple dispute section could be moderated pretty easily.
Either way, nobody would need to be paid to moderate something like that.

Moderating disputes wouldn’t be difficult at all, they’d be rare… hopefully. My system currently allows multiple permissions for users anyway.