Icon and world model M1911, 1st person model M9?

I don’t really know gun names but I guess this is the names of the pistols. When you have your pistol out in the world model it shows up as a M1911, the same with hatchet, but it’s confusing with it being a M1911 because there’s no M1911 item in the game. There’s the 9mm pistol which resembles an M9, and then there’s the P250.

I’ll show you an image

Here you see in the icon bar, it’s an M1911. The first person view is an M9 and the world model (A_Pigeon posed for this after a bit of nagging) is also an M1911.

Just a small thing that annoys me :v:

World models are extremely inaccurate right now, but I’m sure it will be fixed in the future. I see people with M4s all the time, when in fact they just have a hatchet.

Thing is, there’s no M1911 item, so it’s just more weird than everything else imo :v:

Yeah, I agree, but I guess it’ll get fixed soon.