Icon looks chunky?

I took an icon from a freepic site and tried to use it on a panel but the rounded parts look chunky and lowpixelish
How can I solve this?

I am using DImage

Can you add a screenshot?

If you’re using a png, use the CORRECT size for it, example, if you import a 40x36px png, then draw a 40x36 image, don’t resize it bigger or smaller

but the png automaticly scales to the resolution though? What should I do then?

Well you can make a new material with the dimensions you want to use to prevent up/downscaling.

Also use vtf

To add to this, using a power-of-two size resolution will make it much clearer. It pretty much ignores any attempts to interpolate the edges.

I dont know how to do that, care to elaborate, please?

Internally, all textures are transformed to a power-of-2 size. Even if they are then rendered at their original size, it can look weird. you can stop this by removing the need for the engine to resize your pictures, by having them in a correct resolution by default.