Icons TTT garrysmod issue

I added some custom icons for weapons that I added for my garrysmod server
I placed my weapons in
\garrysmod\gamemodes errortown\entities\weapons.

and my icon in
garrysmod\gamemodes errortown\content\materials\VGUI tt\ the vmt and vtf

I used program called VTF EDIT to create my icons and I pretty much followed this guide

the weapons that I added are all CS S standard weapons like the ak aug famas so there is no issue with weapons the models work fine everything is great.

the code that i used in my shared.lua file for the weapon is

if CLIENT then

SWEP.Icon = “VGUI/ttt/aug”


if SERVER then

And finally the result is that Icon Does appear however black strippy lines keep showing like on a old TV they keep appearing whenever viewing the icon in game

while creating the icon I made sure to use for my vmt
“$basetexture” “VGUI/ttt/aug”
“$vertexcolor” 1
“$vertexalpha” 1
“$translucent” 1
and for vtf

Format: BGRA8888
Uncheck/disable mipmaps and thumbnail generation
Point Sample
No Mipmap
No Level of Detail
(Eight Bit Alpha will be automatically checked due to the format)

First of all; are you trying on Singleplayer or multiplayer?

If multiplayer, the issue is either the icon itself is working at all or isn’t being sent to the client properly. If singleplayer, then the issue is most likely the icon itself, if you’ve got it saved locally on your PC.

its multiplayer, well
yea but if it was not sending itself to the cilent wouldnt it result in no texture being shown as in the pin/black squares?

Yeah, it’ll be pink/purple, which is the sort of a notification if the text is either broken or missing

Hang on a sec, though, in your vmt, you said you’ve got

"$basetexture" "VGUI/ttt/icon_myserver_ak47"

and in the file itself;


These need to be the same thing, so providing that wasn’t a typo and actually what you have try, try changing the ‘icon_myserver_ak47’ bit in the .vmt to whatever your icon file name is called

that was a typo it was supposed to be vgui/ttt/aug

I don’t know how you mistype VGUI/ttt/icon_myserver_ak47 :v:

2 much copy and pasting went there thats why