I'd Be Happy If The Next Update Had Zero Content...

And just fixed bugs…they are outta control.

-Barrier/Spiked Wall/Pillar Stacking
-Base Griefing
-Suicide Bases
-Weapon swap after using the bow delay
-Server De-Sync
-Lag in general

Just these things here would make me happy as hell…and it shouldn’t take more than an afternoons worth of bug fixing…aside from the De-sync and lag…I’m know that shit is actually a bitch lol

It’s a fine line between adding content/fixing what’s actively in the game while pleasing the players.

Whenever an exploit is fixed, another will be abused.

I certainly agree with everything in your list, but if they server sided necessary mechanics to stop de-sync there’ll be another wave of lag and delay moaners.

Don’t forget:

-Flying Animals/ Animals in trees / Animals under ground
-Weapon graphics disappearing with use (effectively giving you a ghost weapon, it’s out but you can’t see it)
-Exploding foundations when you try and place them

I’m sure there are more, but these were big ones.

Exploding foundations has made me shelf this game for a few weeks until it gets a real update.

been on 3 or 4 servers now, put in a couple 4-5 days…and boom! foundation glitch… server pop. drops to 0 in about 48hrs…

gay as hell.

Base griefing and suicide bases are not bugs they are part of the game elements

Says who? If a suicide base is actually intended by the devs as a legit design…then we’re in for one hell of a ride lol

Do u know what is bug mean ? idiot

Do you know the different classes of bugs?

While I agree that server lag and desync is annoying(especially inside small rad) we can’t ignore the fact that the game is still in development.New things should be implemented and lag & etc will be done in time.
Also,I don’t think suicide bases are bugs,they are more like game mechanics exploit but not in a way that makes them “bad” exploit.Most of what you list however are not bugs,they are exploits(the first 3 I mean)

i d be happy if they finaly stop to burn their bowls under the sun in southern France, oho yes i know the way ! UHUM
Seriously, 2,3 Weeks with out update … no ill not be happy if they just fix bug and touch some parameter of the new decay.

AND thhey said that ? seriously you had to be huge super huge this time …

Even if i could understand if one programer have persoonal problem or trouble in his mind, keep care of your life … BUT keep care of your player’s minds !
Hum Moreover if one programmeris seek, you are enough to work with out him isnt it ?

I don’t have anything against base griefing for one simple reason - game has so little real content, that only content there is is actually players messing with one another. If you didn’t make certain measures against being griefed, you should be griefed.

On all other points I completely agree.
Everyone who ever tried to write an application knows that you can’t build your application while there’s known bugs in it.
You can’t bring in more features if you have issues with the features you already implemented.
Code should be tested and re-tested, reviewed and rewritten if anything wrong was discovered.
Debugging isn’t a simple task, but for a serious app development it must be done.

I can understand developers of this game are newbs in the game development process, but they earned enough $$ to pay for some professional help in the area, if they can’t handle the issues the have.
Pure fact they earned good bucks selling an early access can be a sign that people are interested in the concept and that proper game development will bring them even more $$.

It’s that simple.


And fix barricade/window textures, my god. You shoot can’t even shoot properly because barricade’s texture is 300 times bigger than it’s display

If they fix pillar stacking exploit and the other exploits like the box barricade jump that are used to make suicide bases raidable then they should remove the exploit of suicide houses. It is a bug as the box should not be able to poke through a solid metal door. but as it stands suicide bases are not a problem as they are very easy to raid using other exploits and you can often guarantee they have some good loot worth raiding. Also suicide bases require a huge amount of work gathering resources to build so from experience I would say your safer making a 3x3X5 hidden away in the mountains.

Base griefing isn’t a bug it is just annoying. Would be great to get the home ownership system but I don’t think this will be too soon and I don’t think it will address other players griefing you. It will be more for removing pillars when you grief yourself.

It would be great if there was reduced lag and server desyncs as these are crippling to the gameplay and really terrible playing on the public server. Again turning on the new anti hack that was installed with the last update but disabled would be awesome to see and in a similar category to fixing lag and desync.

Exploding foundation really need to be fixed as soon as possible as it means I cant run away and hide my based in the mountain.

Why and I not surprised, another updatless week…

I feel like I’m on Reddit with the amount of circlejerking that happens on these forums. Be fucking greatful that this game doesn’t have the incredibly slow update process that most games have.

Please keep in mind that you are not a producer, you are a voluntary alpha tester. If you think this alpha release is bad, go buy Nether…

Fixed that for you.

And to answer your question, maybe you aren’t surprised because you’ve actually worked on a complex project with a team before?

or maybe you’re just being a passive aggressive armchair dev?

I have one specific bitch about griefing…stair nullification. I can blow up someones door, find a staircase, knock it down and ceiling it off. At this point if they have pillar’d up the entire base on the outside guess what…i’ve rendered the entire structure useless with 2 C4 and 60 wood…it’s bullshit =/ I understand the other methods but since ceilings can’t be removed it makes it total ass. And yes, I know you can have more than 1 staircase but even then on a 3X3 it’ll take 6 C4 and 120 at most (if the stairs are in the middle and in a corner, to render the structure worthless for the owner. And if it’s a 3X3X5 or 6 you just nullified 30,000 wood and a weeks worth of work in less than 2 minutes.

You should just change your name to tactful. There is no almost involved.

haha yeah…i can be kinda direct =) whatever destroys the base with the least amount of work possible. All they can do is blow a top wall (if they have enough supplies up there) and toss their crap outta window