Id Card Methods

So right now I am working on an Id Card using Derma it’s going very well most of it is client side. The idea is that there is a swep that will open the menu up and will show you ID to yourself and then if you click the secondary attack it will give a person the opportunity to click e on the player to trade cards that’s the server side bit. After looking Santos’s RP way and Arc Bank I think I might be doing it the wrong way. And advise would be appreciated.

What way are you doing it now? Code?

Trying to make it using Derma but I have got a feeling that it may be laggy making using Derma but I haven’t seen it talked about. Using this here

derma is ran 100% clientside, unless you’re doing some unnecessary things it should have no impact on performance.

For a simple method of creating your ‘ID Card’, I’d recommend simply using networked variables.

I assume there should be some sort of ‘ID Number’, in which case I’d use:

Entity:SetNWInt server side to set the variable, then use

Entity:GetNWInt to get the variable client side.

Make sure you are using the correct functions for your variable type. For example, if you wanted to network some ‘text’, you’d use


Yeah just getting the players id number (player id) thier name and if they are police and that’s the only server staff.