I'd like a realistic weapon mod.

Hi, I’m looking for something like the weapon carrying systen in Call of Duty. Specifically, I want to spawn with no weapons, except the phys gun, grav gun, tool gun and the camera. Also, I’d like to use the 1-4 buttons to choose between these four weapons, and use the scroll wheel to choose between the two weapons being carried, and if possible, I’d like clicking with the mouse wheel to do a melee attack (swing the crowbar) if not, just bind it to “L.” Also, I’d like to have to press the use key to pick up a new and drop the current weapon.

sbox_weapons 0, or better yet, click “Start with Weapons” to uncheck it.

The rest can be done easily.

So you’ll do it for me?

Oh man. I’ll get around to it, I’m working on multiple projects right now which require a lot of attention. I’m just providing information to help out other developers in here who might take this on.

even if you don’t It’s okay. Someone’ll probably want this enough to make it.

Sounds like a really good idea, I’d help, but I literally just started learning LUA coding.:frown:

Know anyone who could do it?

Well, I’d rather spend time helping people than working on my own project at the moment. I could do this for you. Please allow me time, I’ll get back to you shortly.

I guess it would be easy, just use a script that makes you need to press use to pick up weapons. then i guess something that changes SWEP.Slot = to 0 or 1 depending if its weapon 1 or 2, then when you pickup a weapon, drop the weapon your holding first. Great idea, Not so easy to accomplish sadly.

Thanks CptFuzzies!