I'd like some advice on getting this custom prop_door_rotating working

For a map I’ve been making, I want to make some custom prop_door_rotating models.

The first of which is this pushbar-style door.


The first problem I’m having is the fact that the pushbar itself swings OUTWARD when the door is used, and not inward like it should. The model animates perfectly fine in blender and HLMV, but the second I take it ingame, it does this.

Another issue I’m having is that the collision model seems to be rotated 90 degrees, and doesn’t line up at all.

I’m pretty new to modelling, so I’m sure I’m doing something simple and stupid completely wrong, I’d just like some guidance as to what it is. I’ll post the .qc if anyone needs it.

UPDATE: The collision model problem was solved by changing the Up-axis options before exporting a .smd out of blender. Blender uses the z-axis as its up-axis, so that fucks with some stuff.

UPDATE UPDATE: It works fine now, somehow. I fumblefucked around a bit with the animation keyframes, and it seemed to solve itself. I’m not sure.