I'd like to be able to ID friendlies more easily. How about a clan/friendly list?

Face is something you might be able to ID, close up, if they aren’t wearing a helmet. At which point you can see their name tag anyway…

In large group battles it gets pretty crazy, with only a handful of clothing options it’s not easy to get your team wearing something unique. Though you can try -at the expense of protection more than likley. I was defending my neighbour against raiders yesterday and ended up shooting (at distance) people trying to help.

I’d like a buddy list. Maybe something better than this could be added but I thought as an easy one it could just have their name tag visible at any distance. At least until we have sufficient clothing options that clans can have uniforms or something. It would help with all community related things too as, for example, in a Freetown like scenario you’d be able to see which approaching people are enemy or villagers. You could argue it’s fun to not know, but urm, is it? Is it really?

Of course another option would be anyone on your buddy list is invulnerable to damage by your gunfire/melee. Then you could still miss ID them and waste bullets but you’d not kill your team mate.

The devblog has been teasing info about changing the way clothes are made by the artists to supposedly increase the speed and variety in which we get clothes. I wouldn’t be surprised to see lots of different color options to the clothes we have in the near future. I don’t think we need to make artificial lists to do it though. Identifying with colors/specific outfits seems to be the best option to me.

They’ll never add the artificial stuff, the clothes yes but in rest you gotta train as a team ,have better communication so you can know where your mates are all the time, if you can’t, just cut the numbers :smiley:

Required reading for this topic.

Two words, teamspeak and jumpcheck.

Smells like satire…

Let’s do it then.

Gestures. Operate it through a wheel menu. You have the usual wave, hands-up, cease fire, “do a finger”–and also numbers. Maybe if someone’s close enough, they see a numeral. Bam, “secret handshake”.

You can have the “4-4” clan, or use numbers of the day, or covertly let someone know the new code to the locks. Even if you can’t get comms out, you can still communicate–quietly.


If you’re playing Rust (or most online gaming) as part of a team and not using some kind of 3rd party voice comms, you’re doing it wrong. The game isn’t to blame. You are. There are tons of options out there - Teamspeak, Ventrilo, Mumble, Raidcall, and probably more that I can’t think of right now - many of them free. There’s no reason to be playing in a team without communications.

And jump check IDs members of your party. Call for a jump check. If someone doesn’t jump, shoot him. It’s pretty simple, really. No need to implement tons of in-game stuff to take care of a non-existent “problem”.

There’s no reason to be playing in a team without communications? and if you’re not using them then you’re doing it wrong? That is absolute BS!, how about if you’re deaf or half deaf? Verbal communication doesn’t work then does it?
As a hearing impaired person(3/4 deaf) I’ve done fine without Verbal communication apps for gaming but i have experienced people being gutless fascist pigs about it, excluding me from groups and refusing to adapt to my needs. So as far as I’m concerned all Verbal Apps, and Gutless Fascist Piggy teams using them can suck my elephant trunk!
Anyone who talks to me Verbally in game gets instantly shot, tea-bagged then finally butchered with an Axe.

I’d like to see more sign language options, and custom clothing color designs for unique creations. This is a better solution to being able to easily recognize a team member. The Custom designs would need to have the option to being saved that way they can be used again.

Are you kidding me? Was that all satire?

The game isnt wrong, I am. …

Could you just crawl out from Garys arse a little way so we can talk properly? I doubt you get a proper wifi signal up there.

So what you are saying is, anytime I meet someone in game, I need to go get them on team speak so I can ask them to ‘jump up and down’ in the middle of a gunfight so I know its them?

Because part of the vision for this game is including as little information as possible from what I read. Except when naked (because dongs). Making people who you know identifiable would be too helpful, better we do a secret handshake or jump up and down while being shot in the penis.

Yes I see your point. There is no problem. I am the problem.

What makes you think deaf people can’t communicate?

Speaking of gutless fascist pigs.

The rest of your laughable post aside, this is a good idea. Implementing ASL or any other sign language in its entirety would be practically impossible, but adding fingerspelling or basic words & phrases wouldn’t be difficult at all. That’s assuming Unity is up to the task.

Confusion inherent in warfare.

Asking for a system to relieve you of an inherent part of warfare is against the nature of this game.


Did you even read the link above? Just like in real life, there’s no magical nametag hovering above people. Deciding whether to trust, kill, or ignore is part of the game. They’re working on better models for facial features, clothing etc.

Considering it was posted after the post you quoted, I would say not… wouldn’t you?

Facial features are bollocks, you can’t see those behind a mask…

You can’t ID people based on face anyway in this game, and you wont be ever be able to so lets not pretend that fantasy has any chance of becoming an actual thing. Facial features are cosmetic, to make the island look less like its full of alien clones…

One of RUST’s primary features is COMMUNITY. It’s nothing without it. So, yeah, I expect things in the game to help foster it and make it easier to build them.

It’s a survival sandbox. Not call of duty. Which, incidentally, has features to help you ID people on your side. Ironic.

Btw according to the STEAM page this games “nature” is up for change at any time. So.

Not really. The text says:

The core of the game is “emergent gameplay”. What you call “survival sandbox” is just a label.

Emergent gameplay refers to complex situations in video games, board games, or table top role-playing games that emerge from the interaction of relatively simple game mechanics.

The introduction of a party system becomes restrictive. Elements of gameplay that were allowed prior are no longer possible because of the nature of the mechanic.

I feel like I am just being trolled now.

Not really you say, but then quote the line We haven’t totally decided where the game is headed - so things will change. Things will change a lot.

How are optional elements restrictive?

We had better tell Gary to stop making people look different btw. It may spoil emergent gameplay!

Sometimes this game feels like someone’s hobby that ended up on STEAM by accident for £15.

No, it wasn’t. So no, I wouldn’t: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1461025&p=47540580&viewfull=1#post47540580

Sorry if you didn’t understand which link I was referring to by the context of my post. I thought it was pretty obvious.

You think it’s ironic that Rust doesn’t have the features of a game that has nothing to do with Rust?

I don’t think you know what “ironic” actually means.

I felt the same way after you asked to have friendly fire disabled. Apparently I was wrong, and you were serious about that.

In-game voice chat exists for people who don’t know each other or don’t share a voice chat utility, and nametags take the place of facial recognition at the same distance where you’d be able to recognize unique facial features.

A) You can no longer use the fog of war or the confusion of multiple players in an area to your advantage, for either offense or defense, as you would in real life.
B) No serious Rust player will choose to handicap themselves by NOT using a feature that offers an incredible advantage over those who don’t. That makes it functionally mandatory.

We had the same conversation about 3PV and cupboards, when people ignorant said “if you don’t like them, don’t use them”.

… Are we seriously having a conversation about a “buddy list” with glowing outlines, map markers and no friendly fire? In Rust? Again?

WTF is this, 2013?

Yes, things will change, but the core concept of emergent gameplay isn’t likely one of them.

Because your buddy list idea extends to more areas of the game than in the heat of battle.

Sitting in my house, I see a guy running up. no name tag. sniped him before he even knew i was there.

Out mining, I see a guy running up. no name tag. Shot gun to the face.

This means no one can ever infiltrate an enemy base. There isn’t the element of not knowing if that is an ally. you have a 100% identifiable way of knowing friend from foe.

You eliminate tactics. You eliminate espionage. You eliminate the fear of not knowing who is who.

The difference between a buddy list and facial features is the face can be obscured. You can’t “fake” a buddy list.

I’d like to add: there are plenty of Rust teams in gaming clans who manage to move around, organize, raid, defend and converge on targets… all without regularly shooting each other, all using existing tools and game mechanics. How do they do it?

It’s one thing to criticize a game because kids with no jobs can farm all day and run wild on the server with unmatched firepower and resources. It’s entirely another to try to eliminate the advantage held by players who spend time and effort becoming skilled in squad tactics and communication by giving a temporary gaggle of casual newmen special “group” abilities to help them compete.

You might as well put in crosshairs, because all those people who learned how to shoot without a bionic HUD in their Rust avatar’s eyeball are ruining the game.