I'd really like to get into spacebuild, but I need some help.

I’m a big fan of Sci-fi, and construction of air based vehicles in gmod, and, upon learning about spacebuild, immediatly dived into the nearest server, I spawned a plane I knew to work, just so I could fly to another planet. Ignoring the rather bright lighting and piles of ERRORs, I left the atmosphere and I noticed something at the bottom of the screen, I died, and had no clue how to stop that from happening.

Anyway, onto my question, what addons do I need and where do I get them? Which maps are good? Any recommended servers? Thank you.

wrong section

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maybe it is wrong section i’ll just explain so you dont have to bother others again. get spacebuild2 or 3 and spacebuild model pack and stargate pack… incase the spacebuild pack doesn’t include life support get that too. that’s all.