IDE choice

Rider’s my goto IDE for C# and C++


Should’ve included WordPad :rofl:.
In all seriousness I imagine VS and VS Code are going to be the go-to’s.
Atm, I develop C# for Rust in VS.

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VS Code has always been my go to so I will probably end up using that for Sandbox as well

Lmao the 4 people who develop on Notepad. VS Code is the way to go. People will end up making S&Box plugins for the editor.

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They’ve got to be joking.

I used to roll with Sublime text back in GMod. But I really like VSCode now. I’ve been using it for Unity, and I hope to still be using it when S&box comes out.

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Probably Visual Studio, I already use it on a daily basis for C++ dev in my own work.

May also install the intellij resharper plugin, I already use their C++ plugin (It’s free for people with academic email addresses).

(I still use np++ for python and general text editing though, reluctant to install an electron app for text editing…)

Probably Visual Studio, it never fails me and when it does… Notepad++ lmao

If anyone says VIM they’re psychotic

A mixture of Rider and VScode

As a sysadmin, I can say that Vim is not as evil as you think. I love Vim, and if you complete your monk’s training “Vim edition” :tm: … you become a Vim language master, then you can be at least twice efficient as a regular GUI editor.

EDIT : and you don’t have many choices within a CLI except Nano, Emacs, Ed, and other obscure editors :smile:

I will use rider, that’s really good

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I am not actually a fan of VSCode, especially for multi project solutions, I did not find a way to easily compile one of them or, manage the dependencies/references directly like VS or Rider. Ultimately Dealing with Multi Project solutions I did not enjoy and considering the majority of my projects are like that I kinda switched back.

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I no longer use vscode. I used to hate jet brains but I tried out Rider again and… oh my… I was missing out on so much…

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its nice

Rider or VS with ReSharper is the best choice IMO.

vs with resharper best thing ever made tbh.

VS community is nice for intellisense and some other features but general coding of many languages sublime 3 is lightyears beyond notepad++ which is odd it’s not included but 2x notepad options are.