IDEA: 100 Man War- Server Event-3 teams-1 Independent group

Alright, So I’ve been tossing this idea around in my head for a Rust community event, that I think would be a whole lot of fun.

This is a work in progress

The basic idea is a 100 man war. The way this would work is by first splitting the server pop in to 4 groups. You’d have your major groups i.e. The Blue shirts. The Red Shirts, and The Green Shirts. These teams would consist of 30 players, as for the 4th group…they’d be a group of 10 independents (vagabond jackets), choosing who to fight for, with the ability to turn on their allies at will. So be vigilant, if you are going to allow the indies(independents) to fight on your side, you might want to build them a small base outside of your perimeter.

The Map

The game would Have 3 phases

1. Peace time-Base Building (1st day)
During Peace time teams should be focused on gathering materials for base building. However, during peace time, teams are still able to engage players from other teams. However, there will be Rules of Engagement. For example, if you and your party are collecting wood and players from another team attack you’re party. You are able to retaliate by any means. That said, these rules of engagement are up to you. If you want to protect your resource from another team, you have that right. If you want to take resource from another team, you have that right.

Some more thoughts (up for discussion)
-sleeping bags are to be placed in bases ONLY
-No Rock Bases
-No Crafting of firearms
-Barrel Hunting Permitted
-Only Bows and Spears can be used during Peace time
-No raiding of bases will be permitted during peace time
-Each of the three major teams will be permitted to 1 Major base of Operations and 2 Small outpost (Size regulations can be negotiated)
-Indies will be able to build as many bases they want, however, they can not be withing 300 paces of outpost or a major base (unless permitted). Indie may also only build 3x3 one story huts (roof access with half walls is permitted)

2. Arms Race-resource gathering/crafting (2nd day)
During the Arms race, teams will be allowed to craft weapons for use and research. The objective here is to try and get as many people crafting weapons and gathering materials, barrels and Airdrops. There will also be Airdrop event’s every 10 minutes generated by an Admin. During the Airdrop event Teams will be allowed to use any means of force to obtain said airdrop.

Some more thoughts(open for discussion)
-Still no Major base raiding, however, loot caches (1X1 Shacks) can be attacked during Arms Race. I’ll will be building random shacks around the map and placing some good things and some not so good things. For example, armored huts will have awesome loot(Bp’s weapons, ammo), and wooden huts will have useful loot (Medical Supplies).
-Fire Arms will be allowed during this phase
-Outpost are open for attacks and raids So make sure to defend them

3. Wartime- Destroy your enemies
So this is where everything comes in to play, including the way you treated the other teams. During Wartime, teams will be able to form Alliances, so if you’re team acted like a bunch of assholes and everyone hates you, then both teams who hate you can form an alliance and kill you. However, alliances aren’t necessary, just an option. That said if you are making an Alliance. Admins must be notified and a server message will be broadcasted to notify the server. This also applies for when an alliance is broken. Victory Conditions are meet when the other two major factions are destroyed.

Some more thoughts
-Pretty much anything goes
-When you’re team is eliminated and all possible spawn points are destroyed players will join the naked army (Does not Apply to Indies)
-Naked Army has free rain to troll around naked with rock, spears, and bows
-Naked Army is not permitted to use firearms or to craft anything other than spears or bows.

I also want to implement a class system, and classes will be identified by the type of helmet they ware.

-Assault Class-Metal Face Mask
Ak or Bolt Action
Pistol as secondary (opt)
Grenades (opt)

-Demolition Class-Coffee Can
Ak or Shotgun
Pistol as secondary (opt)
Grenades (opt)

-Rocketeer Class-Bucket
Ak or SMG/Thompson
Rocket launcher
Pistol as secondary (opt)
Grenades (opt)

If anyone thinks this sounds like a good idea reply to the thread by asking for my Steam name.