Idea: A better way to repair

Hey there i thought about some thing, here is goes:

You should be able to store stuff in a repair-bench to get a faster repair.
I think of 6 places to store the most necessary things like Wood or Metal Fragments.
The Game uses the items out of the box and when they are run out, it uses the items out of the inentory.

Another Idea is
to be able to repair multiple thing or een a “repair all” Button.

So what do u think of it.
Lets make repairs be less annoying.

Sounds useful, that i wouldnt have to search for low q.m and leather in my boxes!

Word, it’d be nice to be able to be able to keep everything together. I also like the idea of a repair all button. I understand not having a loot all button, but repair all would be reasonable.

Not sure what I think about the first part…

But the “repair-all” I see being similar to “loot-all”… In that you shouldn’t be able to do anything super quickly because the game isn’t trying to make you safe.
EDIT: same reason that things take time to craft… While you’re crafting them you’re quite a bit more vulnerable.

I was thinking of the repair bench and had an idea about the actual repairing process.

Right now when your Hatchet quality is at 30% you repair it and it jumps up to 80%??? or so, but it is instantaneous. What if you are able to make the time process extended to make the item back to 100%?

Slower repairs but you are able to leave your item in the bench and allow it to finish. So you can run out and do some runs and when you come back will have the item back to 100%?

I agree except for being able to leave the repair bench while it’s repairing.

Tools cant repair themselves.

Hahaha damn tools…

Ok instead of leaving there should be a fail safe to walk away from the process with out cancelling and complete percentage should remain where you left off. Night time would be perfect time to do this. Passes the time and you actually get something done for the next day.

im thinking ditch the repair bench and just make repair kits?