[IDEA] A more scale spacebuild/RPG

Have any of you ever played Eternal silence?
If you have, you probably know that the modification uses 1-20th scale ship models to simulate a much larger environment, using the source engines limits to it’s advantage, well why doesn’t some one take advantage of this idea and port it to work in spacebuild?

For example, everyone would start out with a defult 1-20th scale ship in which they can fly around the map with. Because the ship is much smaller than it’s accuall size, the solar system would seem much larger. Because of this, exploration will be encouraged since exploring each part of every planet would take much longer. There would be a few space stations that would serve as stores to buy weapons and life support, aswell as upgrades and cosmetics (different engine trails). Small NPC ships would also fly around space, and appon destruction would give a player money to purchase new upgrades or weapons. Simple quests would also be implemented, such as "Go here, kill these guys, come back for a reward) Capital ships will also be availible for player use and would require much Life support and a “Crew” Item to be placed in the player inventory. I think this would be a true space RPG and the use of down-scaled ship models could open up a world of possibilities.

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I heard this idea before. Its a good idea. but there would be a problem with the collision model.

I’m pretty sure GMod was updated quite a long time ago to support resizing the player, including collisions and viewpoint. Getting properly sized playermodels might be an issue though

when i browsed the wire sourcecode i found some links to something called massivesandbox if i recall it right. That mod did the same