Idea about servers.

I dont think this should go to the subforum, as this is a suggestion.
So my suggestion is to BAN all users that are promoting servers in every single post.
This goes to in-game promoters as well. they are going to official servers since no one it patrolling them.
People are just trying to promote the servers, I can understand that since they paid for the server and all that.
But the promotions are out of hand, I saw a thread around here about someone complaining about lag spikes,
the first post in the thread was something like “No lagspikes here! Join our server! 124.00.00 active admins!”
I mean really WHAT THE ACTUAL F***?? This must be stopped these brainless promoters have crossed all the lines!

and if I go to a nearly maxed out server and offer the new people an option to getting murdered while naked. I’m a bad guy?

I advertise 3 - 5 times once a day. I make it clear, it’s a simple message.

Don’t get pissed because some people are trying to help others Enjoy the game.

…by the way there is a wonderful option in the console that turns off the chat box if it bothers you to much.

Keep your server to yourself, dont promote I dont want to see spam like that in the chatbox. I dont understand how can you even think about going on a official server and promoting your own server. You should get banned on every server except your own.

You don’t have to be so mean about it…

amazing, all I hear is “Waaahaaaahhhhahaaaaaaahhhh”

dude grow a pair.

yeh… I don’t understand why you are so hurt about this… sounds like you beta tested the “Dynamic Player Model Suggestion” but were the one receiving

If thats what you hear I think you’re bro is crying since I ain’t talking. I’m writing.