(Idea) Add Barrel in game !

wood to craft Barrel (store item just like wood storage box )


Barrel (craft by wood) + metal to craft wine barrel

Put grapes + water into wine barrel and wait few days in game

get wine ! you can press e to drink from it or use a bottle to collect


explosive + barrel = Barrel Explosive !


Very nice ideas

hopefully explosive barrels will be expensive, otherwise they will overshadow c4

A burn barrel would be nice, in place of a camp fire maybe? Great idea’s though i would like to see these added.

[quote=“syownzb, post:1, topic:168096”]

wood to craft Barrel (store item just like wood storage box )

Seems like a cool idea. You be able to fit more of this into a space than storage boxes, and these have more applications than storage boxes. Good job.

This is unacceptable;

those barrels are not red.


I wish to place a trash barrel.

My first thought was "Cool, now when raiders try to reach me at the top of my tower base, I can Donkey Kong their arses and roll barrels down the stairs."

Love this post, is it ok with you if I add a link to this post in my thread?

Link to my thread!
I had some ideas! (guns/housing/vehicles/crazy shit)

yep sure !

Great idea! This would be a cool little addition to the game.

Would we be able to roll the barrels?