Idea - adding information about weapon strength / armour strength

Hello together,

ever wondered if a salvaged hammer makes more damage than a stone spear - and if, how much more?

Or have you ever wondered if the blue long sleeve shirt is a better protection against people who shoot at you than I don’t know, a snow jacket?

Is a blue shirt right now the better protection against the icy temperatures or should I invest in a headwrap?

I wondered all this and much more, it would be great to have some information about this.

Please consider putting those things in the item description so I can compare the armour I have.

Best regards

If you buy a revolver and ak in a weapon store … is there a tag telling you what does how much dmg? I’d say no.

And that I think is the reason why there is no such info in the item description. you’re still able get this infos yourself with a buddy … just try to shoot each other with different clothing …

Yeah, and this is much more realistic, eh?

Yes … for about 30 seconds, then I tried it for myself.

Hit something with your salvage hammer. Hit something with your spear. Note the difference. Why do you need someone else to tell you stuff?

exactly my point

Hi mate go too and select GUIDE the answears do you need are here . Cya

I guess they didn’t add item stats to the game yet because they still balance em, would just be more code they need to edit again and again.

But I agree that it’s time to add item information just like the upgrade costs and such.