[IDEA] Assassin's Creed Multiplayer in Gmod

I’m sure this has been suggested before, If not already made. But I was thinking about making it, so I decided to throw out my idea.

Summary: The gamemode will be a basic version of the AC:3 multiplayer. It will include NPC’s that walk around with players, stand in small groups and walk around by themselves. The game would most likely be small, 5-15 players, and Consist of people stabbing each other and running away from their chaser.

-Fully function NPC’s that wonder around in small groups.
-The ability to hid in a group of NPC’s
-Like in the game, audio clues that would tell a player if their target, or the person chasing them is close. (heart beating?)
-Stabbing will be your one and only attack, assassination style.
-Possibility to partially evade attacks. You would still die, but you would also gain points.
-A point based score system along with a 1-3 leader board during game.
-Players and NPC’s would use HL2 models.

My question to you is would you play it?

Any suggestions for what I should add if I were to make it are welcome along with constructive criticism.

This is just the idea, it is not even started yet, I just wanted feedback.

oh god

do you know how difficult this is?

What is “difficult” getting NPC’s to work properly? I’m currently working on a solution that uses nodes (not the Hammer ones)

I also said this was only an idea, It might happen in a few weeks, it might never happen. It depends on the feedback I get and the possibility of getting the NPC’s to work.

The “getting NPCs to work properly” is unlikely to be the hardest part of this. I don’t think you have any idea how hard this would be.

another ideas guy

Your right, I don’t. It could happen, it might not. But it doesn’t hurt to try does it?

@Ryz0 Because I post one idea, i’m an ideas guy?
Thanks for constructive criticism :slight_smile:

I would play it. But why not just play Assassins creed?

If i would be making a thread for every possible game idea or gamemode idea for gmod i had then i would continually spam this section.

But still nice thinking. If it wasn’t that hard to actually make and that it would function properly then it would be really cool.

We could just have a thread for gamemode ideas.
Just dump 'em all in there and keep the section clean.

na then they’ll bump the thread cus no ones going to bother replying to someone who would like a remake of borderlands in gmod

I say why not have an idea dump place, we can dump all over my thread ;D

Think about it, We’re all Idea guys. Except, some of us can carry out our ideas.

It makes it more likely for people to actually do something with the idea.

If I had a penny every time someone posted a gamemode idea, I’d be fucking rich.

i would like to say, while i did post an idea, I didn’t ask for someone to do it, i was simply asking if people would play it if i coded it

Well yeah duh of course, but since you can’t code this its a bit pointless to post it.
What reactions would you expect? “Yeah good idea”?