Idea behind rust's evolution

Hey me again!,

I know the title might have puzzled some of you, and some of you might jsut think im stright down stupid.
But the point i was trying to make haas got something related to my reply and the thread on this link: I have noticed over the last few weeks that players are coming up with awesome ideas of item quality and degradability.

All these ideas are based on one major factor… The items are home made/crafted and due to this reason there should be faults i.e. Premature detonation of C4 charges, Detonation whilst crafting C4, Less reliable 9mm pistols & shotguns (pipe and hand cannon), Degradable axes, bows and food, making sulfur and metal fragments rust if unused over time, making food and pills “expire” if unused for lets say 3 game day/night cycles, Torchs unuseable cause they became damp, home made cloths degrade quicker than the ones found at radioactive sights etc.

I wanted to know what other players thought about having the game mechanics based on the concept of “quality of home made items”. If it was a good idea or bad. Now im not a dev nor a direct contact to garry so dont take this post as something they are thinking of doing as i have no clue. but if the community thought it would be a good idea who knows they might read it and think about it… so knock your self out and remember there is no right or wrong answer its an open forum.

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There’s a point where too much realism causes harm to the fun of a game.

Totally agree with you thats y i wanted to know what the community thinks… cause its coming to a point where we are seeing the same basic idea but just presented in a different way.

I like the idea of quality being a property of items, especially if tied to some kind of skill progression system that increases your chance of making higher quality items the more you do craft, with maybe even staged requirements (can’t make the homemade shotty until you are good at making the hand cannon). I also like the idea of degradation so as to be a resource sink requiring constant resource acquisition.

I think the reason why item degradation would fit well, is because currently it is way to easy to build a house and get fully geared in one day. Now obviously this won’t be true for everyone, but when I sit down to play the game I play for 4-6 hours and get set up. Within that time frame you can build a decent house and get decent armor and an automatic weapon. After that point what are you really gathering resources for? C4? People will probably just camp the airplane spawns rather than do that.

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Also without the set backs of server wipes every week and hackers stealing your gear every 5 hours or less It’s going to be a very different game. We will have to wait till those things stop happening to really judge the state of the endgame