[Idea] Boardgame Mod


a Gmod/ Boardgame Mod
based on Physikly Dices, Wi Managment (Buy, Sell, Build)

  • Monopoly
  • Settlers from Catan
  • Chess
  • ww2 board strategy games

i see this i will tell my vison:a map with many giant gameboards some players on each one only weapon is gravity gun to roll dice and move peices i see 3 problems 1 why would they play on this if they have the games at home 2this would get boring FAST 3 how would you handle cards?

this is what i have to say to you:modify the games so they are more fun have a poster with the rules for each one and make one up do somthing like portal that is all…

for chess you could have each player looking down at the board from their side each with a mini board that allows them to pick pieces and highlight their available moves.