Idea: Broken

While we all Played Legacy there was that Debuff that could an annoy, Kill us or make us laugh.

The Injured Debuff :eng101:

I would like to see it coming back but a little bit more improved

An Idea that when you shot someone with an High Caliber or explosion like the bolt action that there is an % chance to break there legs

I agree with this idea but only shoots on the legs should have the % to break legs.

About breaking legs an animation for that could be funny I want to see a bone coming out of the player’s leg and a blood trail. Inmersion is a great feature.

I hate % chances. Why not actually program something real. Attach a collider to the leg bones and if the bullet passes through the bone, it’s broken.

Percent chance can be an easy way to represent the possibility that the leg does not break and the bullet only passes through flesh or deflects, or something like that. I agree that it should only be when shot in the leg and what they have stated about how hits work on the body suggests most of the system is already set up to integrate this idea, but I think there is still a valid place for % chance here.

Why? We are in a day and age where we aren’t limited by cpu power of the individual gamer. This calculation could be done server side. Using fluid mechanics, you can factor in deflections and whatever else. You have no real reason to use a RNG here other than “didn’t want to do the work”.

I only want it back if there’s a splint. Most annoying debuff in a game I’ve ever seen.

most attacks leave you bleeding(which is dangerous), if not critically bleeding(which is a death sentence). do we really want to be hampered alongside?

not saying i disagree with it, but it will increase the lethality by quite a bit.

Carrying a bandage with you can easily remove this “Death sentence” you speak of, and is the primary reason i carry one or two with me just in case of critical bleeding.

Edit: I see a lot of people carrying around syringes now, are those working finally?

well yeah the bandages are a solution, but do they still cost 100 cloth?:slight_smile:

I want to see players able to use some more medical skills through medical crafted items. Like not only bandages but medical bags, diverse drugs and medicines.

Gather and crafting, some cocaine plants around and the player picking them up to make an anesthetic or a painkiller. Plants should be minecrafty, a first plant is hard to get, but then you can rise a whole jarden.

What do you guys think about surgery animation (the walking dead game season 2 episode 2), like you have in your medical bag a tool called stitches and you need to close your standart wound (far cry 3) with your mouse?

The question isn’t whether or not you can simulate something like that, the question is if it’s worth it. It probably would be relatively simple to do, but the fact that the target for injuring is hidden from sight past the skin, the fact that it would be a pretty small target compared to even the head, and bullet spread/recoil means chances are, even for people specifically aiming for the leg, it’s still probably going to be either RNG or just plain luck.