Idea: Caverns/Cave systems

But just as the title says, what about the idea of caverns and cave systems in the game? The lighting in the game is fantastic and it would look great, as you cautiously move through the cavern with torch in hand illuminating the cavern walls, avoiding potentially sleeping bears or a nasty bandits camp. Please leave a comment saying what you think!

Well, i like the idea but as the fps is horrid as it is now… after adding the new rocks etc to the map i think that could be done at a later date.

I kinda like this idea, i don’t think the should be very deep caves, but maybe some around the map wouldnt hurt. could be a better way to get iron/rocks

This was my first response as well. If we had caves, we could mine in there and we could get rid of the random dots of iron ore.

But on second thought, this would just encourage people to seal off the caves with walls.

Might not be as effective as it seems, you’d be locked down without a roof and have alot of disadvantages. It could be a huge negitive or a big positive.