IDEA: clean chat

In the last days I’m seeing that people only use the chat to insult, talk about topics unrelated, and some come just for this is not very nice to read the chat.

1-Normal chat only to people close
(If you use the command “server.globalchat false” works well).
2-Public Chat (for questions about the game or server).
(use a different key to this chat, maximum 1 post per minute or more time).

With this method all would be much more enjoyable for most people and more realistic.
It also serves much for people just starting.


Good luck on your crusade. I’m afraid Rust chat is, in general, one of the most wretched hives of scum and villainy in the gaming world and-- no matter how nice it would be for players to treat one another with respect, I really don’t see it ever happening in this game; let alone in public chat.

We just use Teamspeak and Steam Chat.

You could just disable the chat and when you have a question enable it for a bit .

a mute player function would be nice too.

jep, blacklist for Managing mutes would be nice too

It’s not all bad. I have seen a lot of responsible and lol chats as well. A temp block for a Player would be nice. A kinda majority ban for a short while. Like sending them to timeout.

I’d like to be able to not see specific people on chat for a little bit, especially if they are spamming and it takes up half your screen. Chat is worthless once people start ctrl v messages in there. Anyone see a guy name GU in your chat, streaming motivational quotes in the chat for 30 minutes at a time? That guy has been hijacking chat since legacy and it would be so great to be able to block his messages on chat.

I usually mute them with a 556 round to the head :slight_smile: