[Idea] Consumables that give temporary boosts

So I was sitting here trying to craft 25 large wooden storage boxes and I see 500 second timer and I’m like damn. SO I got to thinking of adding something along the line of food items found around the world or food/consumables that can be created that temporarily increase in game stats or give bonuses.

Twinkie = Increases your crafting speed by 25% for 10 mins.
Energy Drink = Increases your run speed by 10% for 10 mins.


add any other ideas you might have

Could work, but could be too easily abused I think.

why could it be abused?

Make them SUPER-MEGA rare civillian drops…
They should not be craftable…

It’s not a bad ideia, bue to be honest, i dont know if the devs have this in their minds…
(It’s true that some drinks in real-life give you energy boosts, and strenght, but i don’t know about this in-game…)

People will only save them up so they can fast-craft a bunch of doors and wooden sheds when they want to lock someone up.
Because that is the mentality of your average rust player these days.

As long as they had a cool down on how often you can use them. ex: One food boost at a time that last 60 secs, must wait 5 mins after food boost ends to use another.

I don’t like temporary boosts, it makes me feel like i’m in a rpg >_>

Really a twinkie? -.-