[IDEA] Dynamic Mapping / Map In-game

***Hi, The Dingo here.

I’ve had rust for a while and really enjoy the game but sometimes for friends that just got the game or you when you have had too much to drink, find it somewhat frustrating when you can’t find where you are on the map even using a map with coordinates. I used to be a fan of Minecraft but went off it a while back, but on some servers they somehow got a modification (Plugin) which allowed them to monitor all players on the map or for the players to do so using a website using a marker for the players where a- bouts. I was just wondering if that would be possible to apply to Rust? A personal dynamic map that you could easily know where you are on the map without having to refer to a map which you had to input said coordinates and that is saying that a server already allows you to find your coordinates. Similar idea is that they just add maps to the game in general, you could have your friends on there and yourself for easy travel without even having to go out of the tab, same mechanics as Minecraft, where you hold the map out in front of you, maybe label some bases you want to check out later and where the more you travel the more you discover. Just think that would help new players out immensely at times.

Ps. Sorry for referring to Minecraft a lot, I just got most of my ideas from there and being a semi-related game (Killing, befriending, hunting and building) I just thought some other players would be in the same “played Minecraft before and can relate situation”.



I really have to disagree here.

The lack of map is one of my favourite things about the game. It’s supposed to be confusing, you’re supposed to get lost and it’s supposed to be a challenge.
The game rewards people for dedication and learning to read landmarks and it’s a great feature.

There is talk about them adding a compass which will help with your problem a little bit, but you should really try to use the sun/road/towns/mountains to navigate. It’s actually really easy when you get the hang of it.

Sorry I wasn’t aware of the compass thing being added in possibly, kinda destroys the purpose of my topic.