Idea: Emotes

Because why not?

In chat or in character?

In character. Things like waving or dancing. Another advantage would be giving people without mic a different way of communicating.

basic tactical emote commands would be ideal

I agree that it’d be nice to have that but even in the army, most of the guys don’t understand what you try to tell them to do ^^ I believe that less then 2% of the players are able to communicate silently with emotes

True that, a solution would be a Tactical Emote Translator, this could be invented to translate to text what was emoted.

Some stuff like “stop/hold”, “cease-fire”, and pointing (“you… that way”) would be pretty universal.

Add to that a simple wave (“Hi–friendly”), arms flailing (“over here!”), and hands up (“don’t shoot me”).

Someone else suggested handshakes, which could be good for the social aspect.

Those few would be OK. Maybe jerk off also so you can eat your semen and increase water level

I imagine being scared from a gunfight, then a guy comes in my hiding spot, and I show him to be quiet (not to VOIP), then showing him to stay down while the firefight ends. That would be of use, and would be awesome. Also, hands up, to prove you wont shoot.

Waving and putting hands up would definitely be useful. A jerking off emote would actually be funny in a game with naked men lol.

if TF2 is anything to go by, people love interactive emotes. the handshake is a good idea, as are the rest; even the jerk off emote, which could be used as a taunt.

as for eating your own semen, wtf?

these tactical emotes would be the best to use though some extra could be added like Rocket Launcher, traps and barricades. When ever their used a Text will appear to translate the emote.


With that amount of (tactical) emotes you can just as well /msg a player. People would need to completely memorize those (unless the emotes also make a voice say them). But even then, those are too many focused just about tactical things imo.

they wouldnt if the Tactical Emotes had their own menu wheel like the building one and secondly as i said each emote comes with a text message that translates the emote, and multiple emotes could be communicated in a single message. for example. 3. Windows. You. Cover this area. That’s just 4 emotes and a lot quicker to use than alt tabbing to message a player since Rust does not have a Clan/Group chat atm

i think some of those could be excluded, such as the formations and gun types, but many would be beneficial.

I’d like to have maybe six “full-body” emotes to help communicate at a distance. One example use: for everyone in our crew, when you spot someone at a distance do EMOTE#3. If the I unidentified person responds with EMOTE#5, they are one of us. If they don’t respond or respond with another emote, open fire!

Shameless bump.

Whilst some menus are open like the hammer menu you can see “Middle Finger” or something along those lines as one of the options that goes away if you move the cursor. Bug or scrapped thing? Maybe its not in all the way yet.

I read emotes and thought of gta’s facial mood feature. Please give me my angry Newman face, no bandit will be safe from the Newman hulk!

Ooh ooh, or how about a lustful newman face for those moments when you stumble upon a fellow naked Newman in the cold night and get ready for some forceful snuggling.

I definitely think we need some emote-animations, both social and tactical.