Idea for a Fully New Generation Of Roleplay

Ok first before i tell my idea i want to make clear i cant code like a known lua coder i just look some beginner stuff just having a little peak because my special is design im hobby designer for over 3 years in area gaming.

Ok here my ideas for a Gamemode
These are only Ideas

**1. First Time Start**

When a Player joins the first time on a server with the Gamemode
then he gets a intro movie which shows a ego view and the person you are looking from ego view goes to his car and drives to the job center.

Then he gets out and you see a a view from under the Car and you only see a foot of the Guy/Woman that got out and then movie pauses and a Character Creation Menu appears after making a Character the movie resumes and you see again yourself in ego view and goes into the Job Center looking at the job books with information and then Movie stops and then you see a shelf full of books and you can click on the books for information of a job.
Each Book is one job.
After clicking one book you get info about the job and if you want it you click Become.

**2. A new Money System**

A Scripted NPC (SNPC) gives you in 2 ways your money when its payday…

1.Way : He/Her gives you a check with the value of the Salary

2.Way : He/Her gives you it personal.

Extra Information to the 1.Way :

When he/her gives you the check you need to go to the nearest local bank and set up a bank account and then you receive a credit card and you can transfer your money to your credit card at the bank or just get it in bar.


3. A Solution for the Job Hitman


When you selected the Job Hitman then you get a list of players that are on the server from a contracter which calls you.

The list contains information where they were last time seen.
And how they look like.
No Names are given.
The Player Limit on the List is 3.
So the List cant have more then 3 People.

The Contracter calls the Hitman every 30 Minutes In - Game Time.


4. Houses


Player can buy houses at the City Hall (Gamemode should have a own map for best use)
And register them with own street name etc.


5. Scripted Police/S.W.A.T**

If nobody on the Server got the Job Police or S.W.A.T
then scripted police will walk around and check the city.
Will be probaly very hard i think.


6. Police Radio**

Police got own Frequenz to talk


7. Job " The Hacker "**

There is a Hacker Job which then gives them an option to buy Hacking Equipment to hack Police radio or banks.


8. Traffic Control**

There is a Traffic Control which controls the Speed Limit and the Traffic Lights the System works Automatic.
Hackers can also hack these System if enough Equipment.
There are Speed Cameras set up on street and if a player drive too fast then he will get automatic wanted by the police (Only Arrest Force)


9. ATM**

There are several ATM Cash Mashine System set up to obtain or deposit Money on the Bank or just to check the Money Amount on the Credit Card.

Well yeah these are currently my ideas for a new Roleplay Gamemode

Hopefully there are some LUA Coders who are interested making a Gamemode with these Ideas.

And i know for this it will take several LUA Coders.

But if a LUA Coder is interested i am offering me as Designer.

If there are any Stuff to design.

If you got any other ideas to add here please post them.



Too much fuss with all those intro movies and other ultimately really unneeded stuff I think. Seems like a really big project. I dont think this will happen at all unless a skilled and experienced team of lua coders, modellers and mappers team up with the same idea about it.

Hitmen are never a good idea.

Ive seen only a single server that did it good and it was badass though.

This is cityscript (cakescript edit) with 1 or 2 more features…

Most things mentioned here are all player dependent…

Don’t listen to them!
I like the idea :stuck_out_tongue:
I hope this gets made.

For the scripted SWAT/Police thingy you could use the RP SNPC’s somebody made, you could get his permission to use it in your gamemode.

Why too much fuss with intro movie i mean i thought about something like the intro of test drive unlimited which is actually pretty good.

And yes i know its need many experienced lua coders but hey there are lua coders which are experienced ^^.

RPs are boring. It just a killfest where you end up sitting in a blocky room after you are chased by an angry mob of police with pitchforks

I think this should be a mod its a very good idea

I think this is terrible.
The clue is in the name : ROLEPLAY.
You aren’t roleplaying if you have everything handed to you , you have to make stuff up for you.

This just seems like it’d go down the same path as DarkRp , being rather terrible and making too many things that aren’t needed