Idea for a gamemode/map, wondering if there's any interest.

So me and a friend have an idea for a pretty simple gamemode/map combination, and we were just wondering if there’s any interest in this kind of thing in the community or if it’s been attempted before. Feel free to box/clocks me as you see fit.

The idea was essentially a sandbox server, but with a little bit of a twist. We were thinking the map itself would be about the same size as HugeFlatConstruct ( It would be a night-time map, with a lighting system so the builders can see what they’re doing easily. In one of the corners there’d be a night club kind of thing, where people can just hang out if they’re not building, with some kind of music system where there’s an area only a designated DJ can access, where they have full control over a music system. The music wouldn’t be server broadcast so that the people building don’t have to listen to it, but **maybe/b] a feature so that they can listen to it if they want. There would be a voting feature so that players could tell the DJ what they wanted to listen to next from a list. An auto-play system would be in place so that music can continue even when no DJ is available.

Basically, what we’ve got in mind is a sandbox server with some very light RP aspects, just a side feature to add a little something to the server. What do you guys think?